Linda Ruth

Linda Ruth

Linda Ruth, as president of PSCS Consulting (, offers communication companies worldwide the keys to magazine launches, search engine optimization and audience development online and at retail. She is a pioneer in the fields of Online Audience Optimization (OAO) and gamification for content publishers. Her books, “Internet Marketing for Magazine Publishers” ; “How to Market your Newsstand Magazine“; and “Secrets of SEO for Publishers” can be found on Amazon. Find her online at Google PlusMagazine Dojo, LinkedIn, and Twitter @Linda_Ruth.

In a Surprise Move, TNG Acquires Ingram Periodicals

“At least it isn’t another bankruptcy,” a contact at a key retailer said to me. “There will be some order, some sequence and continuity to the whole transition.” He was speaking, of course, of the acquisition of Ingram Periodicals by TNG, formerly the News Group, earlier this week, a move that came as a surprise…

Publishers Should Expect Major Newsstand Shifts in 2016

Most of the 2016 predictions for content publishers that I’ve seen predict continuations of trends that have been going on for many years: shift to mobile, more use of video, continued loss of sales and revenue at retail, adaptation to ad blocker technologies, and so on. Fair enough -- we’re barreling in that direction, and…

Publishers & Distributors Respond to Kable Distribution’s Demise

“As of right now, all that we know is that Kable Distribution is done,” a Kable employee told me yesterday. “We don’t know how long we’ll be here, or how long it will take to move our accounts. We don’t know how things will wind up, or where we’ll go or what we’ll do. This…

Kable Distribution Services: Another Industry Goodbye

Yesterday morning, publishers were informed that Kable Distribution Services Inc. (KDS) is going out of business. The news was conveyed in a remarkably distant manner, in a general letter that speculated that its recipients would not be astonished or blindsided by the news. True, the industry was rife with rumors that Kable was holding on…

Join BoSacks, John Harrington & Linda Ruth for Live Twitter Chat on 11/5

How can a publisher best succeed in print and online? Is free content the answer—or are paywalls? Is digital really dead, and are apps really useless? How can a publisher respond to the new newsstand requirements? And what happens to a consumer publication when it no longer has a print presence? Based on the success…

TNG Shakes Up Magazine Retail Sales

The latest of TNG-initiated changes to retail sales cannot, by a long shot, be considered surprises to anyone—they’ve been proposed, and pondered, and rejected, and accepted, and tried, and tweaked, and tried again for years. Some publishers have already integrated them into their systems; some distributors and retailers already enjoy the benefit of these changes…

Striking the Balance Between Print and Online Content at Distripress

Publishers have heard and accepted that print is to be a brand’s premium product going forward, but what does that mean in practical terms? And how can an understanding of that model lead to a reversal of the downward trends publishers are struggling to cope with? I’m filing from Distripress, the international conference of press…

How the Old Farmer's Almanac Has Found Digital Success

Last week was a big week for the Old Farmer’s Almanac. The 2016 edition has shipped, is being received in wholesale agencies, and is beginning to appear in retail outlets throughout the country. The AP wire story has been released and picked up by ABC News, HuffPO, Yahoo! News, and Fox. The New York Times,…

Creating an International Print and Digital Empire: A How-To

A global digital model can work for print publishers, but, if Hearst Magazines International’s experience is any indication, it will not be built around paid content. That is one of the lessons I took from Yale Publishing Course this year. If you’re looking to keep track of what innovations leading publishers are trying, digitally and…

Miniaturize & Simplify, Solutions to Publishers' Mobile Problem

As many publishers have found, providing a magazine experience on a mobile app and getting people to engage with it regularly can involve some heavy lifting. So publishers are turning to other functionalities in hopes of discovering the keys to monetizing mobile content.

MagFinder: A Newsstand App for Print Publications

Publishers and readers, rejoice. Newsstand now has a digital app of its very own.

It's called MagFinder, and its function is found in the name. It enables a potential customer to find where a magazine is on sale at any store in that customer's geographic location.

How To "Onboard" Your Audience

Publisher should act as "mentor" or "guide" to new audience members that arrive at their sites. Whether or not you are familiar with the concept of "onboarding," you are likely practicing at least some of its strategies in your online business. Onboarding is a useful concept that has migrated from human resources to games creation. Applied in a conscious and intentional way to the creation of publisher websites, it can be extremely helpful in clarifying and achieving site goals.

In the context of human resources, onboarding refers to the ways in which new employees are socialized to a particular business environment. It might include offering new employees instructional videos, lectures, opportunities to partner with experienced employees, or even a gamified environment with goals and rewards.

Online Resources You Might Not Be Using, Part 1: Content Analytics

Publishers who have worked in internet marketing since the beginning might remember, as I do, when lots of tedious programming was required for, well, just about everything. Today, with online productivity so template- and tool-driven, I am daily enchanted by the resources that are available to do all sorts of things we once could only dream about.