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Special Report on Technology Adoption Strategies in Publishing

Exclusive Insight on Publishers’ Technology Objectives, Obstacles, Budgeting & Revenue Drivers In the Digital Era, implementing the right technology may be the single biggest challenge and opportunity for publishers today. It’s certainly one of the biggest concerns, occupying the focus of media executives in all functions and seniority levels. The right tech that fits with…

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7 Tips for Maximizing the Value of Audience Data Integration

The publisher’s dream of a dynamic unified audience database is not new. However, making that dream come true is an undertaking that has been met with varying degrees of success by publishers. The ability to track, understand, and monetize audience activity with more tailored product and revenue opportunities across brands and platforms requires a new way of working and significant…

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The Starting Point for Harnessing Magazine Audience Data

In a short time, data has become an imperative for magazine publishers. Yet developing a strategy for capitalizing on audience data can be intimidating or even mystifying. With all the buzz that surrounds "big data" it can be hard to know where to begin. This guide will provide a starting point for harnessing the power of audience data to meet magazine publishers' business objectives

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