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The Tortured History of Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly June 2014 June 18, 2014

The early and mid-90s  Entertainment Weekly  was a trade magazine for the masses: A publication that promised to make consumers, whether 11 or 45,...

Publisher Jason Wagenheim Shares The Secrets Behind Teen Vogue’s Survival

Jason Wagenheim June 18, 2014

Jason Wagenheim has been Publisher of Teen Vogue for just over two years and has already made a tremendous impact on the magazine. In...

Newsweek Rises from the Ashes

Newsweek June 2014 June 18, 2014

Despite announcing the end of a 79-year run with the cover line #LASTPRINTISSUE on December 31,   2012,  Newsweek  defiantly returned to newsstands in March...

Legacy Brands Can Succeed in Information Age

time inc logo June 17, 2014

A new player with a storied print legacy emerged a week ago Monday when CEO Joe Ripp  rang  the opening bell at the New...

The Drum Set to Accept Bitcoin Payment for Magazine

the drum logo June 13, 2014

The Drum is to become one of the first UK magazine titles to boast a BitCoin cover price - in an initiative which will...

How Magazines Are Rethinking Their Events

Europop June 13, 2014

Travel & Leisure  hosted two events in New York last week. Neither looked much like its best-known gathering, the  World's Best Awards party ....

Meet the Publishers Who Ask Their Reporters to Write Native Ads

Digiday New Logo June 12, 2014

The rise of native advertising is forcing some publishers to play loose with the traditional "church and state" separation between the editorial and business sides....

Bitcoin Pay-Per-Character Publishing Platform Gathers Momentum

Bitcoin Magazine June 12, 2014

Bitcoin Megaphone , the world's first Bitcoin-powered pay-per-character publishing platform, is poised to enter its third consecutive month with increased traffic and high user...

Medium: "Yes, We Are A Publisher"

Medium Logo June 12, 2014

Publishing platform Medium has relaunched its subsidiary Matter as the focus of its publishing efforts, admitting for the first time that it is a publisher...

Time Warner In Talks About $2.2BN Vice Deal

Vice Media June 10, 2014

Vice Media, the digital group which has mounted an aggressive assault on traditional news providers, is in talks to sell a major stake in...