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How Medium Is Trying to Bring Back the Web We Lost

Medium Logo December 2, 2014

The idea for The Message bore out of the observation that Medium had a somewhat unique commenting system that very few users were capitalizing...

News Sites Top List of Slowest-Loading Web Pages

Internet November 25, 2014

Our fragmented attention spans are so fickle that if something doesn't grab us in the first few seconds, we're likely to turn away. Research...

Time Inc. Locks in Outbrain's Headline Recommendations in $100 Million Deal

Outbrain November 20, 2014

Time Inc., the nation's largest magazine publisher, has struck a deal making Outbrain the exclusive external provider of recommended stories for Time Inc.'s websites,...

Facebook at Work Set to Do the Business Like LinkedIn, Report Says

facebook logo November 17, 2014

According to  the Financial Times , Facebook is developing a new site that features a similar newsfeed and groups to the current friends and...

The Atlantic Wants 'This.' to be Your Digital Bookshelf

the atlantic November 14, 2014

" This. " from Atlantic Media takes curation to the extreme. The site, which launched in beta on Wednesday, allows users to make a profile...

CNN Digital Gets a New Executive Team

CNN Digital November 13, 2014

CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker announced new leadership for its CNN Digital team Wednesday morning. Andrew Morse, who oversees domestic newsgathering as S.V.P. for CNN...

Surfing, Drowning, Diving: A Brief History of Inventing New Media

History of New Media Surfing, Drowning, Diving November 13, 2014

Longform and listicles, tinyletters and tweetdecks, snowfalls and subreddits - we are awash with new forms of media. Each new day seems to bring a special...

Randall Rothenberg, IAB President & CEO, Sets Record Straight on Digital Banner Ads

Randall Rothenberg New November 11, 2014

Banner ads are the Mark Twain of the Internet: reports of their death are greatly exaggerated. So it is with Farhad Manjoo's historically jejune...

Germany's Top Publisher Bows to Google in News Licensing Row

Axel Springer logo November 6, 2014

(Reuters) - Germany's biggest news publisher Axel Springer has scrapped a move to block  Google  from running snippets of articles from its newspapers, saying...

Facebook Offers Publishers a Faustian Bargain

facebook logo November 4, 2014

Outspoken tech investor Fred Wilson offered in 2011 this prescient piece of advice on building your business on Facebook: " Be your own bitch...